• Googling is a key-skill required for anyone today!

    How Competent are you?

  • Introducing Qoogle

    - An interesting quiz app that helps you practice and master your 'googling' skills!

    - Leverages the power of gamification elements for ensuring an engaging experience

    - Winner of the 'Most Innovative App of the Month November 2016' award from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) App Inventor


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  • Why Qoogle?

    Master Google in the most interesting way ever!

    Search Techniques

    Most Significant

    Built around the most significant search techniques while using Google



    Most Effective

    Powered by questions randomly picked up from a large pool



    Most Interesting

    Leverages the most effective gamification elements such as points, timer and leaderboard



    Most Recognized

    Awarded the 'Most Innovative App of the Month November 2016' by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) App Inventor


    "Qoogle quizzes users on their knowledge of Google search shortcuts, using multiple gamification elements—including points, a timer, and a global leaderboard—in order to keep them engaged. These elements are integrated seamlessly into a sleek user interface that makes good use of layout, color scheme, and sound effects." - MIT App Inventor

  • About Us

    Dreamers | Innovators | Inventors

    The Company

    Qoogle is brought to you by LateraLogics Innovations – with a vision is to help make app inventing the most engaging and fun experience for MIT App Inventor enthusiasts.


    We offer a host of services that include:

    • Off-the-shelf Mobile Apps Development
    • Custom Mobile Apps Development
    • Training
    • Consultancy

    To know more about our other products that are helping users create amazing things, checkout our company website.

    The Team

    We’re a growing team of passionate individuals on a mission to change the way people live, learn, work and play by offering them technology solutions that are most innovative and cost-effective. Our focus is on bringing out desktop and mobile applications that serve as solutions for our everyday problems.

    Arjun, our Founder & President is:

    - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) App Inventor First Prize Winner (2013)

    - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) App Inventor Bug Finding Contest First Prize Winner (2014)

    - Google Code to Learn Contest First Prize Winner (2015)

    - National Child Award Winner for Exceptional Achievements (Computer Technology)

    - Ashoka Youth Venturer


    More details are available on his profile website: www.arjuninventor.com

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Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions:
1. The package includes a ‘single user license’ only for you to use this source code. Hence, you are not allowed to share the source (AIA) file with anyone else.
2. You are free to use any of the techniques discussed in this code in any number of your projects. 
3. You are free to build upon the source (AIA) file and publish your (own) apps to Google Play Store or any other publishing platforms (for free or paid) provided you satisfy their terms and conditions.
4. Though we have taken utmost care to test and ensure that this app is working smoothly on different Android devices (mobiles and tablets), we cannot guarantee that it will work on your device. Hence, we recommend to test out the app on your device before purchasing the code.